Insurance Billing

We Offer Direct Billing to the Following Insurances:



Industrial Alliance

Johnson Inc.

Johnston Group



Maximum Benefit

Medavie Blue Cross


Pacific Blue Cross


Chambers of Commerce


Claim Secure



Equitable Life of Canada

First Canadian

Great West Life

Green Shield of Canada

Group Health

Group Source

*If your insurance carrier is not listed above, you are still eligible for reimbursement from your insurance. We will collect for the visit in full and provide you with a detailed receipt to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Insurance Billing

How much will my insurance will cover?
You can contact your extended health benefit carrier to get the details of your coverage. This may include maximum coverage per year and co-pay amounts for your specific plan.

What if my visit is only partially covered with my extended benefits?
Many benefits are set up to cover a portion or percentage of each visit. If your visit is partially covered, you will only pay the non-covered portion or outstanding balance after the visit. The covered portion will be billed directly to your carrier.

Can we bill a secondary benefit?
We are only able to bill one extended benefit per visit. We will still provide you with a detailed receipt that can be submitted to your secondary benefit for reimbursement.

What if my claim is denied?
If your visit is denied by insurance, you will be responsible for the full payment of your visit. Again, we will provide you with the receipt for the visit that you can submit. Note: some plans only provide reimbursement to to patients.

ICBC Claims/Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you or someone you know been in a recent car accident?
If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and filed a claim with ICBC then you are entitled to healthcare aimed to treat the aches and pains from your accident. Motor vehicle accidents often cause stress, anxiety, and injuries throughout the body. We are here to help!

How does ICBC work?
If you have ICBC and have been in an automobile accident, you will be fully covered for chiropractic care whether you are at fault or not. We will bill to ICBC for your chiropractic coverage. You will not pay out of pocket for your care.

How soon can I begin treatment?
You can begin treatment with a chiropractor immediately after you report your claim. You do not need to get approval from your adjustor and do not need a referral from your doctor.

Will my treatments cost me anything?
No! ICBC pays the clinic directly so you won’t have to pay any fees at the time of your visit. All you will need is your claim number, adjustors name and phone number so we can confirm your coverage.


  • No money out of your pocket

  • Coverage for a period of up to fourteen weeks and 25 visits to get back to pre-accident status or to a a level of maximal medical recovery

  • Receive professional and thorough care

  • Immediate treatment so you can address the pain before it evolves into chronic pain