Dr. Cory Peterson, DC, MS


Dr. Cory Peterson’s goal is to empower his patients, get them out of pain fast, and return them to doing what they love. Being an athlete himself, Dr. Cory brings together both his clinical and personal experience in chiropractic and sports medicine to provide the absolute highest level of care for every patient he sees. He has a passion for keeping people active and making sure that they are living their best life. He understands what it’s like to be injured and knows what it takes to help you not only get out of pain, but also continue to improve your abilities during the treatment process. 

Dr. Cory graduated from the University of Western States with his Doctor of Chiropractic, Master’s of Sports Medicine, and prior to his clinical studies he obtained his Bachelors of Science from the University of Lethbridge. He has worked with amateur, collegiate, and professional athletes, including world record powerlifting athletes. He is also an assistant instructor for the Fix Your Own Back continuing education seminar, which helps teach other health care providers how to best manage lower back pain and lumbar disc herniation.

Outside the office Dr. Cory loves to spend time enjoying the Okanogan! Golfing, hiking, and playing rec sports with his wife Jordan and dog Charlie.